Why Upgrading to Apple’s New AirPods Pro may not be Worth the Price
September 4, 2023

Why Upgrading to Apple’s New AirPods Pro may not be Worth the Price

Apple plans to unveil a host of new features and capabilities at its upcoming Wonderlust event on September 12. Although the release of the new line of iPhone 15 mobile phones will be the highlight of the event, Apple will also announce its next Watch Series 9 wristwatches and new AirPods headphones. Now it’s safe to say that the charging case of the new AirPods Pro will be upgraded with the addition of a USB-C port, but the rest of the design will remain unchanged.

Apple will switch to the USB-C standard with the release of the new line of iPhone 15 mobile phones, and the company plans to introduce the new port to existing devices as well. It certainly makes sense for the end user – to have devices that can be charged via a single USB-C cable. It was previously reported that Apple will introduce a USB-C port on the AirPods, but the model was not specified. In his latest Power On issue, Mark Gurman states that the new port will arrive on the ‘Pro’ version of the AirPods. He also stated that apart from this, there will be no significant variations in terms of design.

The new AirPods Pro only come with a USB-C charging port for now

With the new phones iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro, Apple is finally introducing a new port that could get improved functionality. Gradually, the company will eliminate the Lightning port on all its existing products and replace them with a USB-C connection. The change happened with enormous pressure from the EU. Before that, we only saw modified iPhone models with a USB-C port that sold for thousands of dollars. AirPods Pro with USB-C will be announced alongside the iPhone 15 lineup on September 12 at Apple’s Wonderlust event.

Apple announced iOS 17 back in June, which will bring various features to AirPods Pro. Since these features will be coming to AirPods Pro with a Lightning port, it’s unclear if the upcoming USB-C model will include any new, exclusive features. However, we can assume that the new port could make room for faster charging.

If the new port does not come with additional features, the conclusion is self-evident because it will be identical to the existing version. Simply put, it’s not worth the money to “upgrade”. There is certainly room for improvement in the current AirPod Pro 2 model, so we are of the opinion that the arrival of just a USB-C port is not enough to spend money on a newer version of Apple headphones. Note that Apple will only replace the ports on the new AirPods charging case. This means that there will be no changes in the rest of the design or changes in the headphones, reports wccftech.

However, these are just speculations and the company might come out with a version that has better design and sound quality in the meantime. We’ll be covering the event in detail, so be prepared to learn many more details.