The Motorola MotoTalk AI feature was created to increase productivity
January 20, 2024

The Motorola MotoTalk AI feature was created to increase productivity

Motorola presented new products this year at CES 2024 MotoTalk AI functions, a software platform with a focus on increasing business productivity and team performance.

Now, thanks to AI technology, field teams can use Image Recognition and Route Planning functions to optimize their daily activities.

As part of Motorola’s business portfolio, the new Moto Talk feature empowers increasingly robust business ecosystems with extremely easy integration that improves business efficiency.

With the Image Recognition feature, teams can identify and count the quantity of any product, get pricing information and access reports at each store to help manage sales at different points in the sales process. Thanks to this feature, users can instantly access automatically generated metrics, instead of waiting for data to be manually entered at the point of sale, thus increasing the productivity of promoters and employees.

Using artificial intelligence, route planning strategically optimizes commercial routes, increasing efficiency in terms of distance, time and sales opportunities. This feature enables the creation of schedules for various field teams in a fraction of the time required by manual scheduling, and the tool also summarizes store visits and employee performance, reducing the workload for users of the MotoTalk platform.

MotoTalk AI increases business performance

With MotoTalk, companies have a single console to manage all employee devices, calendars and communications, including special messaging features such as PTT (push-to-talk).

MotoTalk motivates employees to connect, collaborate and get things done using reliable and fast messaging. Additionally, MotoTalk offers comprehensive support services so that Motorola business customers can focus on the things that matter most to them in their business. At the very end, MotoTalk provides end-to-end secure communications to keep all shared data protected.

The MotoTalk service is compatible with Android, Windows and iOS platforms, and all offered solutions can be further adapted to each business segment and company size.

Motorola demonstrated the capabilities of its AI concept solutions at the CES event

During the Tech World 23 presentation, Motorola took its AI endeavors to a new level by presenting exciting AI concepts. These new features, including the MotoTalk AI solution, were showcased at the CES 24 event to introduce users to all the ways Motorola plans to redefine everyday user experiences.

From generative AI wallpapers that enrich the device screen, to advanced AI privacy protection features such as blurring sensitive data, it’s clear that usability is at the forefront of all innovation.

At the same time, with the possibility of easily summarizing notes of messages and chats, Motorola continues its mission to provide users with innovative solutions that improve mobility and ease of use.