The LG DukeBox is a lamp amplifier behind a transparent OLED screen
January 4, 2024

The LG DukeBox is a lamp amplifier behind a transparent OLED screen

The LG DukeBox combines a traditional tube amplifier, playback speakers with a transparent OLED screen, blending the old with the new. It is an experimental device of the LG Labs department for the realization of new ideas and devices, an originally designed “jukebox” that combines the past and today’s technology. Therefore, it is an exhibition device and not intended for sale.

LG DukeBox is a combination of nostalgia and modern technology

LG DukeBox is, in a way, a new interpretation of a classic concept of a “jukebox” device. The amplifier uses six lamps that are visually strikingly exposed to the user’s view in the device’s case. Among other things, the device integrates high-quality speakers that can properly reproduce the unsurpassed warm sound of the “lampash”. The main, front part of the device is actually a transparent OLED screen on which information about the songs that are currently being played is printed, reports tomshardware.

The screen is sensitive to touch commands, which you can use to select the appropriate track and control the sound. According to the manufacturer, the level of transparency of the built-in OLED screen can be adjusted. As for the built-in speakers, they are capable of covering a 360-degree space with sound, delivering sound that fills the entire room.

On the LG DukeBox device, in addition to music, it is possible to play movies or use it as a kind of digital fireplace with lamps that light up in the background.