The first Xiaomi 14 stocks sold out in just four hours from the start of sales
November 2, 2023

The first Xiaomi 14 stocks sold out in just four hours from the start of sales

Although the new Xiaomi flagships have been available for pre-order since their official launch in China, they officially went on sale on the evening of October 31 local time. The company claims that the first stocks of Xiaomi 14 disappeared almost immediately, that is, it took only four hours for them to be sold out.

The Chinese giant says that the new Xiaomi 14 series has achieved a significant milestone by selling out within hours of its launch. It thus surpassed the records when it comes to the first day of sale, as well as the whole day's sale of the device. In the first five minutes of sales of the Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Pro phones, there were reportedly six times more orders compared to the Xiaomi 13 devices and their sales launch.

However, although the company boasted about these successes on its official Weibo account, it did not reveal exactly how many devices it sold, which further does not reveal how much the first Xiaomi 14 stock brought in profits.

Apart from being the first Xiaomi phones to achieve this kind of success, they are also the first launched phones in the world powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, which was presented at a Qualcomm event just a few days before their release.

In addition to the new chipset, the company's new flagship phones are characterized by a completely new HyperOS operating system, which was launched as a replacement for the long-standing MIUI. This OS is not just for phones, however, but will power a variety of devices, including cars, televisions, and other wearables.

The prices of the basic Xiaomi 14 model in China start from 3999 yuan (which is about 520 euros) all the way up to 4999 yuan (about 650 euros), depending on the choice of configuration. The Pro model is more expensive and its starting price is 4999 yuan, or 650 euros after currency conversion, while the option with the most memory costs 5999 yuan, i.e. about 780 euros.

Of course, these prices are valid in China, and after the phones reach other markets, such as Serbia, the price should increase, considering the transportation and other costs. The international premiere of the device should take place in the first weeks of January next year.