Tecno and Dolby join forces to deliver a revolutionary surround sound experience to global consumers
January 31, 2024

Tecno and Dolby join forces to deliver a revolutionary surround sound experience to global consumers

Innovative technology brand Tecno announced a partnership with Dolby Laboratories, a leader in content enjoyment experiences. This collaboration will enable global users Tecno an exceptional experience surround sound Dolby Atmos, which you can feel from all sides – revealing depth, clarity and detail like never before. Dolby Atmos will first be available to users through the new POVA 6 series which will be officially launched at Mobile World Congress Barcelona in 2024.

At Tecno, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the user experience and bring more new features to our devices,” said Jack Guo, General Manager of Tecno. “We look forward to partnering with Dolby to bring Dolby Atmos to users around the world. This exciting development will allow our users to discover a new level of audio and visual effects and enjoyment with their Tecno smartphone.”

We are pleased to collaborate with Tecno to bring the Dolby Atmos listening experience to a wider range of consumers around the world“, said Javijer Foncillas, Vice President of Commercial Partnerships at Dolby Laboratories. “Dolby Atmos will deliver a premium, multi-dimensional audio experience with depth, clarity and detail like never before to Tecno users who enjoy their favorite entertainment content in Dolby format..”

Dolby Atmos transforms the mobile entertainment experience with sound that moves above and around you. When listening on mobile devices, Dolby Atmos delivers a spacious sound experience wherever users go – through stereo headphones or earphones, or through the device's built-in speakers. The enhanced audio experience isn't just limited to Dolby Atmos content – ​​Dolby's holistic audio solution also significantly improves the sound of all music tracks, games, movies and shows on your phone. It provides a more natural listening experience with clearer dialogue, a wider sound field, greater subtlety and nuance, maximized loudness without distortion, and consistent sound reproduction for a wide variety of content.

For global Tecno users, Dolby Atmos is set to deliver a revolutionary listening experience to their favorite entertainment content, including movies, shows, music and games. The brand's first device to feature Dolby Atmos is the new Tecno POVA 6 Pro 5G, which will be officially launched at the end of February at Mobile World Congress 2024. The new device, which will be on display at the Tecno booth at MWC 24, promises an exciting gaming experience for modern users with Dolby Atmos that puts users inside the action itself.

After the global launch of the series POWERFUL 6, a collaboration with Dolby, will also equip all future Tecno CAMON and PHANTOM series devices with Dolby Atmos technology. With a shared vision of creating new experiences for users, the collaboration between Tecno and Dolby will advance mobile entertainment for global consumers looking for unprecedented, innovative entertainment experiences.