SK Hynix accelerates the race – mass production of HBM4 memory by 2026
February 4, 2024

SK Hynix accelerates the race – mass production of HBM4 memory by 2026

Micron and Samsung have already announced their next-generation HBM4 memory products and highlighted the launch timeframe around 2025 and 2026, respectively. SK Hynix is ​​now joining the race to capitalize on the growing demand for artificial intelligence in the market. HBM4 plays a leading role in the production of AI accelerators and is expected to bring significant advances in computing power.

Kim Chun-Hwan, vice president of SK Hynix, during the keynote speech at the SEMICON Korea 2024 fair, revealed the company’s intention to start mass production of HBM4 memory by 2026, claiming that it will spur huge growth in artificial intelligence markets, writes Wccftech.

He emphasizes that the key is to create innovative solutions to meet the huge demand in the HBM industry. Chun-Huan also believes that the HBM market will grow by 40 percent by 2025 and that SK Hynix has positioned itself early to make the most of it.

The Trendforce forecast predicts that the first HBM4 samples will have up to 36 GB of capacity per chip (“stack”), and JEDEC will publish the complete specifications in the second half of 2024. First sampling and availability to customers is planned for 2026, opening the door for high-performance AI solutions based on advanced memory.

SK Hynix’s entry into the race for HMB4 makes the high-bandwidth memory (HBM) market even more competitive. So the question of which company will take the lead in this evolution and advancement of high-bandwidth memory for the next generation of AI products heats up even more.