Samsung Internet Browser is now available for Windows PCs in the Microsoft Store
November 28, 2023

Samsung Internet Browser is now available for Windows PCs in the Microsoft Store

Samsung Internet browser now available for download for the first time in the Microsoft Store. Today, the information that Samsung is the last company to launch a browser for Windows.

There are plenty of internet browsers available for Windows 10 and 11 PC owners to use. There's Microsoft's own Edge browser, along with Google's Chrome, Mozilla's Firefox, Opera's browser, Brave browser and many more. Where is the space for the Internet browser of the South Korean giant?

A version of this browser has been available for years on Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, as well as on all Android devices. The new version for Windows is available for all desktops, laptops and tablets running Windows 10 and 11 on Microsoft Storeand most importantly, it is not limited to Windows devices made by Samsung.

The Android version of the Samsung Internet browser has a large number of loyal users who believe that it performs better than Google's Chrome browser on those devices. It remains to be seen how this new Windows version will behave.

According to the report SamMobile-a, the Samsung Internet browser on Windows has partial support for synchronization with the Android version. If you sign in to these browsers with your Samsung account, your browsing history, bookmarks, saved pages, and open tabs will be the same on Android and Windows versions. However, synchronization of saved passwords on those browsers is not yet supported.

Samsung Internet does not have full cross-platform synchronization

Some of the other supported features include incognito mode, support for ad blocking, and the ability to import browsing history, bookmarks, and browsers from other browsers, including Edge and Chrome.

It will be interesting to see if people might switch to Samsung Internet instead of Chrome or Edge. We also hope that Samsung will continue to support and add features to the Windows version of the browser to see if it can become a real competitor to the established PC Internet browsers or if this will all be short-lived.

How do you see the chances of Samsung Internet Browser for Windows surviving?