Samsung Galaxy S24: Unchanged prices and confirmed function of emergency satellite text messaging
December 15, 2023

Samsung Galaxy S24: Unchanged prices and confirmed function of emergency satellite text messaging

According to the latest information, Samsung has just announced that the pricing strategy for the upcoming Galaxy S24 series of premium smartphones, remain consistent with the previous series, the Galaxy S23.

Despite current economic challenges, the South Korean tech giant intends to maintain competitive pricing to stimulate sales in a global market that is finally showing signs of recovery and heralding better days ahead.

A leaked report from a reliable South Korean media source, reports SamMobilenot only confirms pricing information, but also sheds new light on a highly desirable feature – instant text messaging. message via satellite. This functionality, which has long been rumored for the Galaxy S24 series, has now reportedly been confirmed via a leaked screenshot that you can see below.

The unnamed model from the Galaxy S24 lineup is explicitly mentioned to support instant messaging via satellite connection, putting it in the same league as the latest iPhones and certain Huawei phones.

Samsung Galaxy S24 rame uz rame with iPhone i Huawei telefonima

The report indicates that all models within the Galaxy S24 series will have this satellite instant messaging feature, regardless of chipset. Samsung claims to adhere to 3GPP standards for such connections, thus demonstrating its commitment to providing a reliable emergency communication option to its users. However, it remains to be seen if this feature will be universally available from launch in all markets, globally.

Samsung's decision to keep prices at the level of the previous year stems from the company's strategic vision to capture an even larger part of the market. By offering more features at stable prices, Samsung aims to attract consumers and overtake the competition. The company's ambitious goal is to achieve a 10% year-over-year sales increase, with plans to ship a total of 33 million Galaxy S24 units.

To achieve this goal, Samsung plans to use the Exynos 2400 chip for the base and Plus models in certain markets, allowing for cost savings without compromising performance. However, it is expected that the premium model Galaxy S24 Ultra be equipped with a special version of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset around the world, ensuring superior performance and consistent user experience.

Consumers are eagerly awaiting additional details and the official launch of the Galaxy S24 series to experience the announced features first hand.