Samsung continues the YOUniversity project and connecting with young people
September 14, 2023

Samsung continues the YOUniversity project and connecting with young people

The YOUniversity platform is a look into the future and thanks future generations of users for their loyalty. Samsung wants to make it even easier for students to access information and help them stay connected with their peers, professors and family.

At the beginning of this academic year, the company is starting again with the implementation of activities that will enable both freshmen and seniors to have a better start to their education. Registered users of the platform can apply for Try and Buythat is, a seven-day free trial of the new irresistible Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 flip smartphone or the Galaxy S23 series phone.

Along with the selected phone, students will be able to try out the new Galaxy Watch6 smart watch and through the excellent connectivity of these two devices, get to know their daily routine and raise it to a higher level by monitoring sleep, various sports activities and everyday tasks.

In the coming months, the platform offers students interesting activities and opportunities to win great prizes. By collecting points on the site, students can get various prizes and discounts.

Student organizations such as ESTIEM, the Union of FON students, the E-Kom Seminar of students of the Faculty of Economics, the Nova Student Association and INO Edukacije also help the realization of the project.

The purpose of the platform is to introduce young people to Samsung technological innovations and enable them to test new devices. All students need to do is register on the YOUniversity website and the discovery of new technologies can begin.