Samsung announced Gauss – its own artificial intelligence, which will probably arrive on Galaxy S24 phones
November 9, 2023

Samsung announced Gauss – its own artificial intelligence, which will probably arrive on Galaxy S24 phones

Upcoming devices will increasingly get artificial intelligence (AI) features, and it looks like the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 phones will be among them as Samsung has announced Gauss, its own AI model. Thus, the South Korean giant officially joins the world AI race, presenting a model consisting of three separate parts: Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code and Samsung Gauss Image.

We got this information after Samsung announced Gauss at its AI Forum, an event currently taking place in Seoul. The company explained that the mentioned three parts of its AI model will be adapted to specific tasks.

Thus, Samsung Gauss Language is a generative language model that will be able to summarize texts and documentation, write emails, but also translate their content into other languages. This part should also improve the user experience as it will enable smarter device control once it is integrated into products.

The second part of the model, Samsung Gauss Code, along with the coding assistant (code.i) which is based on this part of artificial intelligence is optimized for internal software development, which will allow developers to write codes easily and quickly. It will also support features such as code description and test case generation through an interactive interface, the company claims.

The third part, as its name Samsung Gauss Image indicates, is a generative AI model for images that can create and edit them by changing their style and even converting low-resolution photos to high-resolution ones.

The entire model announced by Samsung is named in honor of Carl Friedrich Gauss, the mathematician who established the theory of normal distribution later called the Gaussian process, which is the backbone of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Samsung artificial intelligence is already being used by the company's employees to, as its representatives say, increase productivity. Given that there have been rumors for some time that indicate that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 series will receive significantly improved AI capabilities, the assumption is that this AI model will receive its official premiere precisely at the launch of the upcoming premium phone series.

Korean portals, on the other hand, report that Samsung artificial intelligence will also be found on laptops and other devices. Although Samsung officially announced Gauss, it did not fully present the details and the way it functions, as well as whether this AI model will be charged additionally to the devices on which it should be available. We should get more information about it after the presentation of the next Samsung Galaxy S24 series of phones, which we expect in January 2024.