New free game on Epic Games: Who makes the best burgers in the galaxy?
October 8, 2023

New free game on Epic Games: Who makes the best burgers in the galaxy?

Godlike Burger is the name of a new game that is free on Epic Games until October 12th. This is the perfect opportunity to try your hand at an intergalactic restaurant with a reputation for making the best burgers in the universe. Your secret? Lots of onions, and ground customers…

This game appeared a year and a half ago and although it looks like a classic restaurant simulation, it has a plot: you have to hunt aliens – your customers in order to have something to make burgers with. You're kind of an evil SpongeBob in space, only with a plot similar to Neighbors from Hell.

The aliens keep coming, and it's up to you to set traps overnight and upgrade your household appliances to better cook your “secret sauce.” You should also pay attention to the fact that the police do not become suspicious that many of your customers come in but never come out. Therefore, it is necessary to relocate the flying restaurant from time to time to another planet, or to bribe the local policemen to turn a blind eye or three.

Different aliens are located on different planets, and each has its own weaknesses, but also strengths that you have to take into account if you still want to have the best burgers in the galaxy.

Outside of this free promotion, the Godlike Burger costs just under 20 euros, and if you add it to your Epic Games library by October 12 at 5 p.m., it will be yours forever. The game is not too graphically demanding, but note that you will need a slightly stronger processor and at least 8 GB of RAM. Some of the older graphics like GTX 750 or RX 480 will be quite enough to keep everything running smoothly.