Intel Core i9 14900KS breaks the barriers from the factory 6.2 GHz
January 3, 2024

Intel Core i9 14900KS breaks the barriers from the factory 6.2 GHz

Intel could soon put into circulation the strongest desktop model of the 14th generation processor in the form of a chip labeled Core i9 14900KS. Its unique feature is the ability to reach the maximum turbo step at a frequency of 6.2 GHz. We remind you that the current fastest Core i9 14900K reaches 6 GHz and that in our test we were able to successfully overclock it to 6.2 GHz. In the case of a possible Core i9 14900KS, it is the factory-declared turbo frequency.

Information about the new Intel processor appeared first on the Chinese instant messaging service Tencent QQ, and soon after that appeared on to the X network. The markings on the photos clearly indicate that it is an Intel Core i9 14900KS processor. However, the possibility that it is a photo montage cannot be ruled out either. The suspicion arises because in the photos the parts that Intel uses to further identify the processor, such as the sSpecs identifier, are blacked out.

By the way, rumors about the release of a new “KS” version of the processor from the 14th generation Intel Core model are not new. The identical practice of the order of arrival of models from the 12th and 13th generation was practiced earlier, so logically the model from the 14th generation is also expected. In the case of the 13th generation “KS” the model touched the frequency limit of 6.0 GHz, and in the version of the 14th generation model, the maximum turbo step was moved to 6.2 GHz by selecting special, highest quality versions of the chips obtained from the best parts of silicon.

It is assumed that the official release of the Intel Core i9 14900KS model will be scheduled for the spring of 2024, but these are still assumptions and unconfirmed information, reports the German ComputerBase.