Intel ARC A580 graphics card, cheaper and faster than GeForce RTX 3060
October 15, 2023

Intel ARC A580 graphics card, cheaper and faster than GeForce RTX 3060

Right around this time last year, Intel announced the full line of its new ARC A series of graphics cards for PC desktops and laptops. According to the original promise, it was supposed to release a whole constellation of models from the strongest to the weakest – A770, A750, A580, A380 and A310. Although most appeared, some did not and it turned out to be perhaps the most interesting model for most ordinary users.

A few days ago, Intel officially announced that the ARC A580 series graphics cards will be launched worldwide from now on, and the first three models to hit the market are: ASRock ARC A580 Challenger OC, Gunnir ARC A580 Index and Sparkle ARC A580 Orc OC. all with 8 GB of memory and a cooling solution design that uses two fans.

The Arc A580 is equipped with 24 Xe computing cores and 24 units for Ray Tracing effects, an organization that is irresistibly reminiscent of AMD Radeon models and where Koduri's influence is undoubtedly felt. In terms of hardware, the ARC A580 is three times more powerful than the A380 model and at the same time is deprived of only four Xe computing units compared to the ARC A750 model.

Intel ARC A580 in step with GeForce and Radeon graphics cards

It uses a GDDR6 memory configuration with a capacity of 8 GB, which is connected to the graphics processor via a 256-bit wide bus, which enables it to have a maximum data bandwidth between GPU and VRAM of 512 GB/s. The core frequency is relatively low, only 1.7 GHz, and the card's energy consumption is around 185 W.

Advanced features such as DX12 Ultimate, Ray Tracing, XeSS scaling, AV1 video encoding are also supported as well as generative AI applications such as Stable Diffusion. All this thanks to the presence of Intel Xe Matrix Extension AI hardware. The graphics processor is made using the TSMC N6 manufacturing process.

This configured Intel ARC A 580 graphics card fills the middle of the Intel ARC series range, delivering good gaming performance at high settings in 1920×1080 resolution in modern AAA games, as well as high framerate in eSports titles.

Many will think that the ARC A580 is quite late for the Radeon and GeForce competition, but with its recommended price of around 180 US$ and the fact that according to Steam statistics as many as 61% of users still play on Full HD monitors, the Intel ARC A580 at €50 at a lower price than the competition, it really has a chance, only if it is available on all markets and in sufficient quantity.

What's your take on this card? Would you rather shell out the cash for an ARC A580 or some proven GeForce, Radeon model that has been mining? Does Intel have a chance to intervene and break the monopoly of Radeon and GeForce models or is it too late?