In addition to the Xbox, the upcoming Indiana Jones gaming treat may also be coming to the PS5
February 5, 2024

In addition to the Xbox, the upcoming Indiana Jones gaming treat may also be coming to the PS5

Another installment in the series of the cult film series Indiana Jones, but this time in the gaming edition “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle” will reportedly be available not only for Xbox, but also for PS5 consoles. The development studio MachineGames, which makes the game, as well as the publisher Bethesda, are targeting the launch of this game in December for PCs and Xbox consoles series S and X, but the version for PlayStation 5 should not be far behind, but will be released a few months later, writes The Verge.

Rumors of Microsoft looking to port its older and/or lesser-known titles to other gaming platforms to generate additional revenue surfaced earlier this month when insiders revealed that Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of ​​Thieves were likely to be available as well on PS and Nintendo consoles. They then gained strength when documents about exclusive T-shirts for users of Nintendo and PlayStation consoles were leaked as part of the data for the Hi-Fi Rush game.

At first glance, it seemed that Microsoft was planning to expand its only older or less important gaming titles to the consoles of other companies. However, this story was further enriched a few hours ago when information appeared on the Internet that one of the most anticipated games of last year, Starfield, will also be launched on PS5 after the launch of the Shattered Space expansion, which is planned for this year.

Porting such a high-profile gaming exclusive to other consoles relatively soon after its debut seems a little unrealistic, but the company’s alleged plans go even further than that. In accordance with this, information also arrives about the upcoming Indiana Jones game, which is heavily under development.

It is important to note that “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle” was originally supposed to be a multi-platform game, but after Microsoft bought ZeniMax and Bethesda companies, it negotiated with Disney to make this game available only for its Xbox consoles.

Following these rather large gaming rumors, Xbox Era podcast co-founder Šepašal Nik said that he speculates that Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II could also appear on multiple platforms. Jazz Corden from the portal Windows Central adds that he has heard two possible scenarios from different sources: that some Xbox games become multiplatform and that all Xbox games take that step.

The second scenario would be equivalent to Microsoft turning to business in which it becomes a “third party”, that is, cooperates with other companies, which potentially causes the indignation of many Xbox fans because then it might not make sense to own an Xbox console.

If the rumors come true, the only advantage in that case would be the availability of the Game Pass service. An additional concern in this case is that Microsoft may not even be making new Xbox consoles anymore, further raising concerns about its digital game libraries. However, this is still all unofficial information that is currently spreading on the Internet at lightning speed, and it would calm things down a bit if the company came out with an official statement about everything.