HONOR was the only company to record positive growth in Europe
November 26, 2023

HONOR was the only company to record positive growth in Europe

Despite a period marked by significant challenges in the smartphone industry, company HONOR has managed to achieve significant growth on the European market. This trend is the result of a decline in smartphone shipments in the same period, according to research that published by Counterpoint Research.

Smartphone shipments in Europe in the third quarter of this year saw a decline of 11% compared to the same period last year, with Western Europe recording a decline of 8% and Eastern Europe of 15%.

Company HONOR successfully responded to all market challenges and thus achieved the status of one of the top five companies that recorded annual growth in Europe.

Continuous product improvement and new launch HONOR Magic series led to a more successful positioning on the European market, especially when we talk about presentation HONOR Magic V2 phone. In addition to positive results, this situation emphasizes the resilience of the brand and the ability to deeply understand the needs of users. In the coming period, the HONOR company will continue to show a strong commitment to bringing real innovations to the market and providing exceptional quality and value.