Google Cubes will help Android users discover new apps
November 18, 2023

Google Cubes will help Android users discover new apps

Looks like Google develops an application for Play Store named Cubes. It was first noticed earlier this year, and in February, the Google News Telegram channel announced: “All we currently have is a shortcut that opens a blank page and the ‘Cubes entry point widget‘.

However, as stated, “Both the shortcut and the widget are part of the Play Store app.” Android Police now claims that the Cubes app could be a central hub to be used to discover new apps in different categories.

Google Cubes will be the central hub for your new applications

In other words, the Cubes app can help Android users to find new apps to install based on the category of apps already installed on the phone. Google News Telegram channel editor Nail Sadykov writes: “My assumptions are that Cubes will be a kind of ‘entertainment center’ where purchased movies, games and books will be housed. However, I could be wrong.” Sadykov’s guess may still be good. Why?

It was also discovered that there is a settings page that has a list of “Cubes”. That list includes: Watch, Social, Shopping, Listen, Games, Read, Food and Sandcube.

The instructions say “organize the order of your Cubes and manage the applications within each one.” Opening the Cube for viewing, with the switch on, the instructions say: “Select the content of the apps you want to see in this Cube.”

AssembleDebug, which shows details about the app’s code, revealed that users will be able to make purchases through the Cube, though it’s unclear exactly what exactly Android users will be able to buy. One option is paid apps.

When Cubes was first spotted in January of this year, the app was just an outline that didn’t give any indication of what the app’s purpose was. The user interface has been slightly expanded since then, but there is still no content in the app as the backend is still not publicly available.