DLSS 3 vs FSR 3 Frame Generation, AMD is faster but pays a high price
October 2, 2023

DLSS 3 vs FSR 3 Frame Generation, AMD is faster but pays a high price

AMD FSR 3 started for the first time in “Legend of the Immortals” and “Forspoken” games during yesterday. The media immediately began to assess which technology is better, NVIDIA DLSS 3 or AMD FSR 3.0, testing their capabilities in the aforementioned two games. The test benchmark included gaming in 4K resolution, and the test PC configuration is based on a Ryzen 9 7950 X3D processor with an RTX 4090 graphics card.

Short and clear, the conclusion is unequivocal – DLSS 3 works faster than FSR 3 in Quality mode, without the Frame Generation option enabled. However, once you activate the option of additional frame creation in the game, AMD FSR 3 overtakes NVIDIA DLSS 3 technology, achieving higher average and minimum framerate values ​​and leaving the Nvidia competition behind.

AMD FSR 3 is faster than DLSS 3 even on Nvidia GeForce graphics cards

Unfortunately, it achieves this with certain penalties. Namely, Immortals game suffers from the same problems with FSR 3.0 as Forspoken. While the quality of FSR 3.0 is very good in photo mode, on the other hand it becomes worse in animations. FSR 3.0 has more negative sporadic effects such as random flickering and too jagged edges of objects in the frame, which makes the image suffer from the effect of pixelation when moving. In addition, the game has a frame rate problem that creates a jerky effect during animation and uneven camera movements. AMD would have to solve the observed problems as soon as possible.

In terms of image quality, FSR 3.0 also lags behind NVIDIA DLSS 3 technology that uses artificial intelligence. From the observed problems, there are those with flickering, up to problems with the “ghosting” effect. In this regard, FSR 3.0 looks noticeably worse than the DLSS 3 display.

We summarize briefly that AMD FSR 3 on NVIDIA hardware, and we remind you that AMD technology works not only on Radeon, but also on GeForce models of graphics cards, achieves better performance, i.e. it is currently faster than Nvidia DLSS 3, which is a big surprise that honestly no one has expected to happen.

However, on the other hand, AMD FSR 3 suffers from some serious flaws that AMD urgently needs to correct. However, let's keep in mind that this is only the first, preliminary version and that it is faster at the start, so through further progress we should expect that AMD will iron out all the observed problems. All in all, the fight is igniting and now we are waiting for the answer of the competition that was defeated, so to speak, in its own backyard, reports mydrivers.com.