Digital Trends: 3 reasons why Motorola will mark the year 2024
January 5, 2024

Digital Trends: 3 reasons why Motorola will mark the year 2024

The famous technology site Digital Trends, which is visited by over 20 million people per month, he singled out the company Motorola as a brand whose phones should definitely let's pay attention in 2024.

Last year brought a number of interesting smartphones and technologies, while Android phones in general had an extremely good year.

As we slowly begin to look towards what awaits us in 2024, we get the impression that one company could stand out in particular. It's Motorola.

Despite the exceptional reputation that has followed it for years, Motorola has somehow always played from the back, and it seems that this could change in 2024 for several reasons.

Motorola has mastered premium phones

The Chicago-based company achieved a number of important things during the last year, and it all started with the presentation of new models of the edge family, within which the edge 40 pro stood out.

What made this model stand out were the many things Motorola did right.

A large 6.7-inch OLED display that is a pleasure to look at thanks to its vivid display, a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor that is a champion in terms of performance, even a year after its premiere, a battery that can easily last two days with fast charging that quickly returns it to 100%, even the cameras, with which Motorola could have problems in the past, showed impressive results.

Although we had the opportunity to see numerous premium smartphones in 2023, the Motorola edge 40 pro stands out as one of the most complete and best, especially if we look at the price, which was significantly lower than that of competing devices.

Many fans have been eagerly waiting for Motorola's big return to the premium segment, and the company has done it in style.

Motorola middle class went one step further

In 2023, Motorola not only shined in the premium segment, but its mid-range devices also went further compared to the competition

The g series models, as well as the edge 40 and edge 40 neo models offered users impressive performance, technology that we are used to seeing in a higher class, and perhaps most importantly – attractive design and colors thanks to the partnership that Motorola achieved with the famous company Pantone.

Perhaps most important of all, especially when it comes to buyers, each device seemed to offer much more than the price it was sold for, whether it was an OLED screen, optical stabilization, a powerful processor, a handful of memory or a high refresh rate display.

Flip phone champion

In addition to Motorola making big strides in the premium and budget segment, the company has also found time to be at the forefront of innovation, especially when it comes to flip phones.

In 2023, the company presented perhaps the two most important phones, the Razr 40 and Razr 40 Ultra models.

Motorola razr 40 ultra it brought a large external screen whose capabilities were in no way limited compared to a large display, unlike the competition that offered users external screens with significantly smaller capabilities. The Razr 40 ultra also offered an exceptional design, impressive Pantone colors, water and dust resistance, impressive performance, as well as great software that allowed all applications to be used on the external screen without any restrictions.

We must not forget the resolution 40, which came with a smaller screen, but also at a lower price, which phones with bendable screens finally made it accessible to almost everyone.

What awaits us in 2024?

Was 2023 the perfect year for Motorola? Not really. The company still has room to improve its devices, and it does it very well year after year, so we can expect the same with these.

With the edge 40 pro model, which is almost brought to perfection in 2023, we can only imagine how good the successor will be. Motorola also showed how capable the standard edge 40 can be when it comes to the middle class, so we expect interesting novelties when it comes to this model.

And, after the razr 40 and 40 ultra models, we are looking forward to see how Motorola will again push the boundaries of flexible phones in 2024.

The fact is that Motorola has had one of its strongest years yet, and because of that, we're looking forward to seeing where the famous bat-wing logo takes us in 2024.