Apple worried about Huawei dominance in China, Tim Cook in a surprise visit
October 22, 2023

Apple worried about Huawei dominance in China, Tim Cook in a surprise visit

Politics and business do not go hand in hand and have completely different interests. The largest American technology companies are feeling this on their skin as a result of the measures imposed by the US government, which some time ago introduced sanctions on the Chinese technology sector. Now all the negative consequences come back like a boomerang. Apple feels them very well.

China has very loyal customers and a controlled market, which is why domestic brands, and among them certainly the largest domestic company Huawei, are increasingly popular. The reason for American companies, for which the Chinese market is one of the most important for marketing their own products, sounds the alarm. This was also the main reason for the sudden visit to this country by the first man of the Apple company.

Apple is quite worried about the expansion of Huawei products in China

Chinese Vice President Ding Duekiang told Apple CEO Tim Cook that the company is welcome in the country and should take an active position in the development of China's digital economy, as Apple's first man made a surprise visit to Beijing and only a month after the launch of its iPhone 15 phone in the Chinese market.

Cook's visit comes at a time when the competition between the American technology giant and China's Huawei is heating up in the third most important market for Apple products. An additional accent of concern appears after Beijing has tightened its control over security problems.

Sales of the iPhone 15 model in the first 17 days in China fell by 4.5% compared to the previous iPhone 14 phone, Counterpoint Research reported, without providing specific figures.

In September, China expanded restrictions on the use of iPhones by civil servants, ordering staff at some central government agencies to stop using their Apple phones at work.

“China is willing to provide more opportunities to foreign companies that finance the development of the domestic technology industry, including Apple,” Ding Kuku said at a meeting held on Thursday, Chinese state radio reported, Reuters reported.

Cook said that Apple is confident in the good prospects of the Chinese market and is ready to strengthen cooperation with China in key areas, including the production of high-end technology devices and the digital economy, according to Chinese media.