Yettel action: smart TVs with Hipernet Duo and Trio packages
November 16, 2023

Yettel action: smart TVs with Hipernet Duo and Trio packages

Starting today, new Hipernet users can purchase Smart TV devices in 24 monthly installments in addition to Hipernet Duo and Trio packages. This Yettel promotion currently includes two different models of LG Smart TV devices, diagonal 43 and 55 inches, and the monthly installments are 899 and 1399 dinars.

The Hypernet offer is now complete. In addition to optical Internet, TV platform and fixed telephony, there are now also devices, so that users can use all the advantages of digital television and new technologies. Smart TVs allow the installation of any application found on the Google Play Store, thanks to a modern operating system and the option to connect to the Internet“said Slobodan Papak, manager of the fixed services segment at Yettel.

Smart TV devices allow the use of a large number of TV applications, all with high image quality, contrast and colors.

“After two years on the market, the user base is constantly growing and their experience is excellent. In addition to a variety of content, stable optical Internet, a Smart TV application was recently launched. So now it is possible to watch content available on the Hipernet platform on the models that will be offered, even without additional devices.adds Slobodan Papak.