We won’t see an Apple MacBook Pro with an OLED screen for a few more years
October 12, 2023

We won’t see an Apple MacBook Pro with an OLED screen for a few more years

Although the public expects the first iPad Pro OLED model to arrive as early as next year, we won't see a MacBook Pro with an OLED screen for at least another three years, according to Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants.

In a webinar on the displays, Yang said it will take several years for Apple's supply chain partners to build production lines to mass-produce OLED panels for laptops. Accordingly, he doesn't expect the MacBook Pro with an OLED display to launch until 2026 or 2027, MacRumors writes.

Compared to current MacBookPro models with LCD displays, the benefits of OLED technology would include increased brightness, higher black contrast ratio, improved energy efficiency for longer battery life, and more. However, the production cost of this type of screen is higher.

As the Chinese portal ExpReview writes, Apple believes that mini-LED is only a transitional technology, and that it will take time to completely switch to OLED. This portal also joins the rumors about the launch of the first iPad Pro model with an OLED panel next year, and adds that the first iPad Air and iPad mini models with the same type of screen will be launched by 2026.

Consequently, possibly new tablets except for the Pro model, which are talked about in the public, next year should remain equipped with LCD screens.