Until then, the 14th generation Intel Core is going up again
September 17, 2023

Until then, the 14th generation Intel Core is going up again

The “big blue” is expected to introduce a new line of Intel Core 14th generation processors called “Raptor Lake Refresh” for desktop computers. Judging by the name, everything is clear to you. That will happen at the Innovation 2023 event starting on September 19. It will go on sale not long after, ie in the second half of October.

A large amount of information released in the past few weeks following this event has largely revealed most of their key specifications, including operating frequency values, core configurations, power consumption and more. The latest rumors now give us an insight into no less important information regarding the price of the new processors.

Let’s start with the bad news. The next-generation Intel Cores could be more expensive than the current ones. The good news, however, is that the increase may not be as large as many feared. According to new data on several chip models of the upcoming line that have been published by PC Canada, they reveal their prices in North America. The models listed include the Core i9-14900K and KF, the Core i7-14700K and KF, and the Core i5-14600K and KF, and all are respectively priced higher than their predecessors. The ads have since been removed, but users have taken screenshots in the meantime.

As can be seen from the attached photos, the 14900K and KF are listed at $833.99, which is $25 more than the 13900K and $58 more than the 14900KF. Meanwhile, the 14700K was priced at $597.99, while the 14700KF was priced at $559.99. By comparison, the 13700K and 13700KF are currently available for $583.99 and $538.99, respectively. Finally, when we get to the 14600K and KF, they are offered at $453.99 and $415.99, respectively, while their predecessors retailed at $436.99 and $402.99 (all prices listed are in Canadian dollars).

It is worth noting here that these prices for now should be taken with a degree of restraint, since online sellers usually use slightly higher prices, which are usually higher than the actual prices that will accompany the launch of new processors.

However, it is a known practice of Intel to reveal prices to individual sellers long before the launch date, so there is a chance that they are indeed correct. In any case, the Raptor Lake Refresh is likely to be only a minor upgrade over the 13th Gen Intel Core line, so one can realistically hope that Intel will “cut” a reasonable price to ensure sufficient demand and sales in the market, reports xda – developers.

If not, it’s somewhat an acknowledgment of the problems the Santa Clara-based company is currently in as it becomes increasingly clear that the lack of money to build new manufacturing facilities is facing the Intel Foundry division. The continuous increase in the cost of building factories in America and Europe has already forced the Intel company several times to intervene with the governments of the host countries and seek additional subsidies in dizzying amounts due to the reasons for the ever-increasing, rising costs.

According to logic, the lion’s share of the burden will be borne by end customers through the increase in the price of new processors. Are you ready to fund the construction of new Intel facilities and its effort to regain leadership in silicon and chip manufacturing by purchasing a new 14th generation Intel Core processor?