TSMC plans to make MCM chips with more than a trillion transistors by 2030
December 29, 2023

TSMC plans to make MCM chips with more than a trillion transistors by 2030

At the world’s preeminent semiconductor technology forum IEDM, one of the most famous and successful semiconductor companies in the world, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, revealed its plans for the future. Thus, by 2030, TSMC plans to make the so-called MCM chips (multi-chip modules) with over a trillion transistors, as well as monolithic chips with over 200 billion transistors.

In order to achieve its goal, the company announced that it is working on 2 nm N2 and N2P production processes, but also on 1.4 nm A14 and 1 nm A10 production technologies, all within the next six years. TSMC is optimistic about the development of its next-generation manufacturing processes in five to six years, although the development of manufacturing technologies has slowed in recent years due to the technical and financial challenges facing this market.

Just like other global companies, TSMC is struggling with obstacles, but still believes in its abilities as the largest factory in this field in the world, reports KitGuru.

In addition, TSMC predicts that even more complex monolithic electronic circuits with over 100 billion transistors will be available soon, given that the Nvidia GH100 with 80 billion transistors is still one of the most complex monolithic processors on the market. However, building such massive chips is becoming increasingly complex and expensive, which is why many organizations are adopting multi-chip architectures, such as AMD Instinct MI300X and Intel Ponte Vecchia.

As the company points out, this trend will continue, and in a few years we will witness multi-chiplet systems with over a trillion transistors. In order for the industry to achieve this, TSMC also expects progress in chip package technologies. At the same time, monolithic chips will become more complex, with monolithic CPUs containing more than 200 billion transistors.