Top Google Pixel Phone Models for Purchase in 2023
August 21, 2023

Top Google Pixel Phone Models for Purchase in 2023

$349 at Google Pixel 6A: The Best Google Pixel if You’re on a Tight Budget

We’ve reviewed every single phone Google has made from the original Nexus line to all of today’s Pixel phones, so we know what makes a handset worthy of your money. The Pixels have always been top performers, with specs rivalling other flagship phones like the iPhone 14 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

The Pixel 7 Pro: The Best Overall Phone Google Makes

The Pixel 7 Pro remains at the top of Google’s phone lineup, packing the latest Tensor G2 processor and a superb triple camera system into a great-looking body. It’s not the cheapest Google phone, but if you want the best the company has to offer (and you don’t want to splash the cash on its foldable), then the 7 Pro is the one to go for right now. 

The Pixel 7A: Stellar All-Round Experience at a Lower Price

While the Pixel 7 Pro might have a better camera system and a larger display, many of the other features are the same, including the processor and software. But the Pixel 7A also comes with a significantly lower price tag, which makes it a much better value for those of you simply not interested in paying for the more advanced camera. 

The Pixel Fold: Great for Multimedia and Gaming

The Pixel Fold is the first foldable phone Google has made, and it’s not a bad first effort. The 5.8-inch outer screen unfolds to reveal a 7.6-inch internal screen that provides ample room for watching videos or for using the various split-screen apps available. The phone’s performance and cameras are solid. Plus, the Fold’s overall build quality — including its folding hinge — seems good. 

How We Test Phones

Every phone on this list has been thoroughly tested by CNET’s expert reviews team. We actually use the phone, test the features, play games and take photos. We assess any marketing promises that a company makes about its phones. And if we find something we don’t like, be it battery life or build quality, we tell you all about it. 

How to Choose a Pixel Phone

Deciding which Pixel phone is best for you will likely come down to how much you’re willing to spend. As with anything, the more cash you splash, the better features you’ll get. The Pixel 7 Pro is the most expensive of the range (excluding the foldable) and as a result it comes with the best camera system. But if photography isn’t important to you, then you can save yourself some money and look instead toward the Pixel 7A. It has the same processor as the 7 Pro, so you can expect similar overall performance, but its dual rear camera is aimed more toward those of you simply wanting to take the odd snap of your kid on the beach, rather than those looking for Instagram stardom. If you want the most cutting-edge piece of tech in your pocket then the Pixel Fold’s foldable display certainly makes it stand out in the range. But you’ll pay a hefty price for this brand-new technology meaning it’s not a phone for everyone to consider.

Pixel Phone FAQs

While we loved the Pixel 7 when it first launched thanks to its solid all-round performance and lower price, the arrival of the cheaper Pixel 7A means we no longer recommend buying the Pixel 7. The 7A shares many of the Pixel 7’s features, including the processor and excellent dual camera setup. But since the Pixel 7A is newer, buying that now over the Pixel 7 will mean that you’ll get a few extra months of software and security updates. When does the next Pixel phone launch? Google is expected to take the wraps off the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro in October. The phones are set to get the latest Google-made processor, the Tensor G3, along with various updates to the cameras and software. If you want the latest, greatest tech from Google, then it’s worth holding onto your money for a little while to see what Google has in store later in the year. 

High Quality Performance and Camera

We’ve consistently given Google’s Pixel phones high scores in our reviews thanks to their decent all-round performance and typically good camera quality. They don’t have the most high-performance processors around, but they offer enough power for almost any of your needs, while the pure Android software makes them smooth and easy to use.