Tomorrow there are four free games waiting for you on the Epic Games store
October 18, 2023

Tomorrow there are four free games waiting for you on the Epic Games store

Tomorrow is cutoff day at Epic games, when the free games change. Until tomorrow at 16:59 you can pick up Blazing Sails and QUBE ULTIMATE BUNDLE, and from 17:00 tomorrow until 17:00 next Thursday you can pick up the excellent horror The Evil Within and the indie adventure Eternal Threads.

In translation, you log into your Epic account tomorrow at 16:50, pick up two current titles, and then two new titles in ten minutes, and at today's prices you add games worth over 100 euros to your library.

Blazing Sails

Blazing Sails is a game introduced in 2020 and it is a cooperative dynamic pirate fight. The game has different modes: Treasure Hunt, Battle Royale and Galleon Conquest. In Treasure Hunt, you and your crew must search the islands for treasure chests. Treasure can be turned in at one of the 2 outposts in the center of the map in exchange for gold, and it's up to you to capture more gold than your enemies to win.

In Battle Royale, you will enjoy a dynamic mix of land combat and epic naval battles. It's up to you to sink the other crews to emerge victorious. When you get tired of looting Galleon Conquest allows you to fight giant galleons where you fight pirates, sink other ships and capture flags to win.


It is a package on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of an excellent platform game. The pack contains the original 2012 game, the 2014 Director's Cut, the QUBE 2 game, the Lost Orbit DLC, the Aftermath DLC, and tons of skins, new levels, and more.

It's a first-person action puzzle game full of puzzles and levels that you have to solve in order to move on. You use special gloves that allow you to manipulate cubes in the environment to solve a series of puzzles – from physics-based challenges to 3D puzzles to platformers.

QUBE 2 is a little different because you are Amelia Cross, an archaeologist who woke up in the ruins of an ancient alien world from which you must find your way out with the help of a mysterious companion. But without revealing too much, you will try it yourself.

The Evil Within i Eternal Threads

These are the two titles coming next week as free games. The Evil Within is a survival horror game developed by none other than Shinji Mikami, creator of the Resident Evil series. Of course there are no resources for a cure and of course the monsters around you are worse than in your worst nightmares.

On the other hand, Eternal Threads is a relatively new game, released last year and is a first-person puzzle adventure. You can manipulate time, but every choice you make will have real consequences for the rest of the game, allowing you to replay it every time you want.

In any case, there are four great free games at your disposal that you should at least try, so if you like even one, you're in for a treat.