Threads profile deactivation enabled without affecting your Instagram account
November 14, 2023

Threads profile deactivation enabled without affecting your Instagram account

Threads profile deactivation is now easier, and the platform is rolling out a few more updates that have been discussed and requested by their community for some time.

According to Adam Mosserithe head of Instagram, Threads now allows users to delete their account without breaking into theirs Instagram account. In the post, the platform boss states that users can now go to their Settings > Account > Delete or Deactivate Profile.

There is a difference between these two mentioned options. As stated in the application, Threads profile deactivation is a temporary form of disconnection for any account on this network. It also adds that your content, likes and followers will not be visible to anyone until you reactivate your profile by logging in again.

Threads profile deactivation is not the same as deletion

Deletion, on the other hand, is permanent and will remove all of your content on Threads within 30 days. In addition, the platform sends users information that the deletion is limited to their Threads account only, no longer creating confusion about the risk of losing your Instagram profile.

Mosseri follows up the post with another update regarding Threads posts appearing on Facebook and Instagram. Instagram's boss claims the platform has listened to feedback and is bringing more control to content creators who want to expand their content and expand their reach.

Threads is now rolling out a way for users to opt out of having their posts displayed on Facebook and Instagram. Those interested in doing so should find it by going to their Settings > Privacy > Suggesting Posts on Other Apps to opt out of the feature.

In testing, both of these updates appear in Settings, so users should see these options as soon as this time, or later this week.

Threads has been moving at a slow pace so far, implementing basic features that their community has been asking for all along, presumably so they don't lose any more users, which is trend even after the initial success in the first few weeks from the start of work this summer.

A month ago, this social platform enabled a button to edit already published statuses to its users, not making it available only to subscribers, as was done on the X network, the former Twitter-u. This gives users five minutes to return to their original post and correct any spelling or other errors before the post is permanently pinned to Threads.

This update also includes Voice Posts, a way for a user to record their voice and post it, with Threads automatically transcribing it. Users are again given some control, as they can now review the transcription before publishing and correct anything the bot might misinterpret.

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