This is the most pointless Windows shortcut
September 19, 2023

This is the most pointless Windows shortcut

Whether using keyboard shortcuts is a legacy of older generations or a habit that is slowly dying, we cannot say for sure. What we are sure of is that not every function needs to have its own shortcut. With that logic, the PCWorld team came up with Ctrl+Win+Alt+Shift+L. It is perhaps the most stupid Windows shortcut.

Anyone who has used an operating system long enough has become accustomed to the small time savings we achieve with shortcuts such as Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Win+Print Screen and others. However, as useful as they are, some of them are really unnecessarily complicated. One of them is powered by LinkedIn.

Ctrl+Win+Alt+Shift+L Windows shortcut

Ctrl+Win+Alt+Shift+L is a combination of five keys, which are not next to each other, which means you need two hands. With it, you open the Linkedin page in the default browser. And let us tell you right now, this is not one of the useful Windows shortcuts. The simplest way is to press Ctrl+Win+Alt with your left hand and Slift+L with your right hand.

As a result, you will go to the LinkedIn page, which can only be useful for HR recruiters and job seekers. However, even they find it easier to save a page as a Bookmark or drag a shortcut directly to the desktop/taskbar/start menu, than to break their fingers on the keyboard.

What are the keyboard shortcuts you can't live without?