The Sony DualSense V2 controller appeared on the shopping site with twice the battery capacity of its predecessor
January 14, 2024

The Sony DualSense V2 controller appeared on the shopping site with twice the battery capacity of its predecessor

A new model of the PlayStation 5 controller Sony DualSense V2 has been found on the Canadian website for the online purchase of electronic devices Best Buy Canada at the same price as the original DualSense – 89.99 Canadian dollars, but with better specifications. The specifications of this device were also published on the same site, but everything was soon removed. However, all the information soon spread on the Internet, and based on them, the Sony DualSense V2 controller should also have twice as strong a battery as the original one.

As noted by the TechPowerUp portal, the new controller should also not compete with the DualSense Edge model, and compared to the original, there are significant improvements that are not only related to the battery.

The biggest change is definitely in the weight, which was said to be 280 grams compared to the original 360 grams of the DualSense model. That's about 22 percent less weight, even though the original DualSense wasn't particularly heavy. Even so, the reduction should further improve comfort during prolonged use and gaming on the console, given that it is also lighter than the Edge model, which weighs 331 grams.

Another significant improvement in the Sony DualSense V2 will be in battery life, which is said to last 12 hours. With heavy use, the original DualSense can be discharged in less than 6 hours, so this is definitely a serious upgrade. The DualSense Edge is even worse in this regard, as it can be discharged in less than 4 hours.

The Sony DualSense V2 controller will reportedly come bundled with a DualSense charging station, which can charge up to 2 controllers simultaneously. Since this is usually a separate purchase and you otherwise have to plug in a controller to charge it, this is a nice way to reduce the load on the USB ports and make things a little simpler for PS gamers. That's especially important because, while battery life seems to have improved a lot, it's still nowhere near the high levels coming from competitors.

This refresh should be useful for owners of PlayStation 5 consoles, but also for PC gamers who prefer the layout of the PlayStation controller. For the same price as the original controller, significant improvements have been made, and if it does come with a free charger (at least in Canada), that definitely helps alleviate the battery issue compared to other consoles.

The appearance of this controller could also mean that the announcement of the PlayStation 5 Pro console is closer than we think, after we heard in December that the console's kits were starting to ship to game development studios.

The PS5 Pro would definitely be best suited with the new DualSense V2 controller over the original or the $199 Edge model. However, we will have to wait a little while longer to see how everything unfolds.