The Samsung Galaxy Ring may launch later this year
January 23, 2024

The Samsung Galaxy Ring may launch later this year

Samsung The Galaxy S24 was the highlight of Samsung's event Galaxy Unpacked 2024but the company also announced Galaxy Ringthus confirming the rumors that works on a smart ring. More details about this wearable device have now leaked online, including a possible launch timeline.

U e-mail To The Verge, Samsung spokeswoman Amber Reaver revealed that the ring will “enable people to manage their health with a comprehensive yet simplified everyday approach.” She further confirmed that this device will feature “leading sensor technologies” and will be comfortable enough to wear 24/7.

Analyst Avi Greengart claims he got a chance to see the Galaxy Ring during the Unpacked 2024 event. He says the ring is “incredibly light” and comes in three color variants and up to 13 sizes. Samsung will apparently launch it “later this year”, although it could not provide a more detailed time frame.

Galaxy Ring as a fitness tracker or something more?

A lot is still unknown about the Galaxy Ring smart ring, as shown by Samsung's statements, and they are not clear enough to conclude what functions this device will have. It will track your health, but will it have a heart rate sensor? Can it track your workouts and blood oxygen level (SpO2)? It would be good, and we believe that it will.

Samsung will probably connect Galaxy Ring to work in tandem with their smartphones, but there is a possibility that it will also be connected to the Galaxy Watch for advanced and accurate health monitoring. Like other Galaxy wearables, data should be stored in the Samsung Health app. Some rings from other manufacturers already even support contactless payments, allowing you to pay in stores without using your phone, so we believe the Galaxy Ring could also have this option via Samsung Pay.

The ring can also work as a simple fitness tracker, making it a great alternative to some of the best small fitness bands. Given the absence of a screen, the smartwatch's battery life should last much longer than the best Android smartwatches, and would provide a great way to monitor your health without having to look at another screen.

Rumors of Samsung entering the smart ring segment appeared in July 2023. So, the company has been speculating about the product for a long time. Surprisingly, there haven't been many leaks regarding the ring so far, but with Samsung officially announcing the product, things could change, and we may see more details about the Galaxy Ring in the coming months, before it is released for sale.