The Samsung Galaxy Ring appears in the Good Lock app, announcing an imminent launch
February 3, 2024

The Samsung Galaxy Ring appears in the Good Lock app, announcing an imminent launch

The upcoming smart ring Samsung Galaxy Ring appeared in the South Korean company's Good Lock application, which allows control over the appearance of the Samsung phone interface and some of its functions. This indicates that the development of this device is well underway, but also that we could see it on the market very soon, although Samsung did not specify the exact time frame of its launch and its characteristics at the Unpacked event, but only announced it.

The Samsung Galaxy Ring is now listed within this app among the devices for which you can display the battery status on the widget. It's a useful feature of the Good Lock app that allows you to check the battery status of all connected devices in it, not just your Samsung phone.

The company has apparently made the necessary updates to the app to support its upcoming device, the smart ring. However, details about the Samsung Galaxy Ring are scarce at the moment.

The company has announced that the new wearable will feature leading sensor technologies that provide users with a comprehensive yet simplified health monitoring system, and that it will be released soon. However, that is all from the official information accompanying the ring.

However, that unofficial information reveals a bit more features. Analyst Avey Gringart claims that he has already tried this ring and that it is very light, and that it will be available in as many as 13 sizes, as well as three finishes, and possibly three colors, writes SamMobile.

In any case, given that its launch is definitely approaching, the company should provide more information about this technological novelty in the coming period. If everything goes according to plan, this means that we could see the smart ring before the end of this year.

One possible release scenario is that it might be released alongside the Galaxy Z Fold6 and Flip6 foldable phones in the middle of the year.