The MSI Claw is the world’s first handheld console powered by an Intel Core Ultra processor
January 10, 2024

The MSI Claw is the world’s first handheld console powered by an Intel Core Ultra processor

MSI’s first handheld console is called the Claw, and the Taiwanese tech giant officially unveiled it in Las Vegas at (you guessed it) CES 2024. Aside from the MSI Claw being the company’s first handheld gaming console, it’s different from its predecessors. rival Steam Deck and Asus ROG Ally device because instead of an AMD processor, it is powered by an Intel Core Ultra chip.

Specifically, it is Intel Core Ultra 7 155H, which is combined with dual-channel LPDDR5 memory of 16 GB. On the graphics side, it has integrated Intel XeSS technology, which uses advanced algorithms for FPS increase for a smooth gaming experience.

MSI claims that this will allow users to enjoy even resource-intensive AAA games on a handheld gaming device.

The Claw console also uses MSI’s design thermal technology called Cooler Boost Hyperflow, which redirects airflow to cool the internal components, so it doesn’t overheat even after long gaming sessions.

Its battery of this handheld console is said to last two hours under full workload, the same as the ROG Ally, the Taiwanese company points out. In fact, the MSI Claw looks quite similar to its Asus competitor, even down to its curves at the bottom for a better grip.

The first handheld console with an Intel Core Ultra chip also has a 7-inch Full HD screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The MSI system also allows users to customize personal macro buttons for specific games, as well as access Android games alongside Windows titles on this console.

Windows 11 Home is the operating system that runs on the console, but the company recommends Windows 11 Pro. On the connectivity side, it has one Thunderbolt 4 / USB-C port, one microSD card reader, a combo audio jack, and a power button along with a fingerprint sensor.