The Look of Android Has Finally Been Transformed
September 10, 2023

The Look of Android Has Finally Been Transformed

A new gallery of animated android robots is likely to appear in apps and on Android phones in the near future.

The new Android logo has so far only appeared in presentations and YouTube, Creative Blog writes, but it should soon be inserted into boot screens and other places in the Android 14 operating system. To remind, Android 14 was expected for this week, but the premiere was allegedly postponed until October.

The intent of the rebranding, which includes the capital letter “A” logo implemented with R/GA, was also to make a more obvious connection between Android and Google. In an official Android blog post, Jason Fournier, director of the Android brand for end users, writes: “We're elevating the Android logo by capitalizing it with a capital ‘A', adding more weight to its appearance when placed next to the Google logo. While we've added more of the curves and personality unique to Android, the new Android styling is more reflective of the Google logo and strikes a balance between the two.”

Android i Bugdroid

Meanwhile, the 3D design allows the Android robot and the “bugdroid” (the robot's head) to take on different personalities for different applications. “As the visual identity of our brand, we wanted bugdroid to be as dynamic as Android itself”says Fournier. “We've also updated the look of the entire robot to ensure it can easily transition between digital and real environments, making it a versatile and reliable companion across channels, platforms and contexts.”

Android with its new animated 3D characters is certainly aiming to make the brand more fun and appeal to a younger audience, and it looks like we'll be seeing more and more transformation of 2D to 3D mascots in the future.