The LG DualUp 28-inch Monitor is Currently Incredibly Affordable and Uniquely Quirky
August 18, 2023

The LG DualUp 28-inch Monitor is Currently Incredibly Affordable and Uniquely Quirky


When you think of a monitor in 2023 you probably think of a wide screen or even an ultrawide screen display. But this LG DualUp monitor is different and right now it also happens to be a bargain with $103 off.

Price and Savings

The new $496.99 asking price is the lowest that Amazon has sold it for to date, saving you 17% off the original $600 price point that everyone else had to pay. This LG monitor is unlike anything that you’ll see on any list full of the best monitors you can buy, but if you have a need for it, it could absolutely change the way you work.

Unique Features

It’s obvious that this LG DualUp monitor isn’t for everyone. But if you’re someone who uses their computer for some specific workflows it could change how you do things for the better. Workflows that require multiple visual aspects to be on-screen at once can obviously benefit, as can apps that work best on taller displays. Wide and ultrawide displays are great, but they can be very short in terms of the distance from the top and bottom of their viewable areas. This monitor fixes that.

Additonal Specifications

It does it in style, too. The monitor has a 2560 x 2880 resolution and is adjustable for tilt and height. It can also be swiveled for those times when you need to show a client what you’ve been working on, for example. A built-in KVM that lets you control several computers with a single keyboard and mouse means you can use your work and home PC without swapping things around.

Hooking up a laptop? LG has given this monitor a 90W USB-C PD passthrough for charging, and there are HDMI and DisplayPort options for video as well.