The launch of the Honor Magic6 Porsche Design model is approaching, the first teaser is online
December 24, 2023

The launch of the Honor Magic6 Porsche Design model is approaching, the first teaser is online

The first product of the joint work of the company Honor and the design studio Porsche Design will be one of the phones of the upcoming series, and its launch is announced by the first official teaser. Thus, company representatives on social networks and within their personal profiles announced the upcoming Honor Magic6 Porsche Design phone model with a picture that reveals the larger dimensions of the device.

Although the image of the phone itself doesn’t really reveal much about the upcoming device, we can see that it won’t be small in size and will have curved screen edges. In the background between the parts of the phone is the latest Porsche 911, to remind everyone that the Porsche Design studio is associated with the sports car brand, in case anyone has forgotten.

The representative of global marketing of the company Honor, among others, shared on her Twitter (X) account @bhavis teasertelling the crowd to stay tuned, which means we’ll soon see not just this model, but likely the entire lineup of phones.

The series has already been partially launched, considering that the Honor Magic6 Lite opened it this month, because the company officially announced it without a big announcement. Analysts expect that we will see the launch of the entire series as early as January 2024, which is actually already next month.

Earlier rumors about the series indicated that the Honor Magic6 Porsche Design will in fact be one of three devices in the line, along with the base Magic6 and Magic6 Pro models. This further means that there is a possibility that Porsche Design will probably replace the current Ultimate model that we have seen in previous generations.

What we know for sure is that the star of the series will be the newest Qualcomm chipset – Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, which will bring integrated LLM, i.e. a large language model of artificial intelligence, to the devices. In addition, we expect new cameras that will adorn these devices, and some rumors claim that each of the devices will allegedly have two selfie cameras.

In any case, we will know all the information about the new phones, how things are, officially very soon.