The latest Android update brings a bunch of interesting features to the devices
December 1, 2023

The latest Android update brings a bunch of interesting features to the devices

The tech giant has decided to introduce a number of improvements with the latest Android update to devices that work with this operating system, but also to platforms such as Google TV, Messages, WearOS and others. The features will begin rolling out globally in the coming days and weeks, and check out what they bring below.

The first of these is a new sticker animation in the Emoji Kitchen, celebrating the arrival of the new season. Users will now be able to make even better combinations than before, using Gboard to have fun expressing themselves the way they want.

Google Messages on AndroidOS also gets Voice Moods, an add-on that will add unique backgrounds and animated emoticons to your voice messages to let the recipient know your current mood. This feature is currently in beta, but will be available to everyone soon. Android Messages in beta also gets Reaction Effects, allowing your conversations to be more dynamic.

In addition, Google is introducing ten new free channels for Google TV. Users will be able to explore “movies, sports shows and quiz channels, as well as over a hundred other free channels without additional subscriptions,” the company’s website says.

New support for WearOS smartwatches is also coming, through which you will be able to control multiple smart devices directly from your watch. Devices with the WearOS operating system also get a new function that allows you to set your Google Home status as Home or Away, also directly from your wrist or smart watch. It is one of the ways that will allow you to check if the cameras in your house are on, the door is locked, or if someone forgot to turn off the lights.

Smartwatches also get a new option that allows you to launch Assistant Routines directly from the device with a voice command.

The latest Android update will also allow you to set a custom PIN on FID02 security keys for websites and apps that require verification. Smart watches with WearOS will also be able to display the Assistant view on the watch face, which makes using it much easier.

The feature is already available for Android phones, and now it’s apparently expanding to watches as well. Moreover, in case Android users can’t find an image that doesn’t have an accurate text description, they can use the TalkBack feature that will generate an image description using artificial intelligence.

The LiveCaptions option will allow Android devices to receive calls and access media. In addition, users will be able to answer phone calls by sending an SMS response that will be read aloud. The company thus allows users to receive calls without hearing them or the device actually answering with their voice. The functions seem quite interesting, and if you use Android devices, you will soon be able to try them out.