The Honor Magic Vs2 bendable phone will be even thinner and lighter than the Magic V2
October 12, 2023

The Honor Magic Vs2 bendable phone will be even thinner and lighter than the Magic V2

The Honor company seems to be planning to be the main subject when it comes to the thinnest bendable phones in the world, and today it is preparing to release another such device – the Honor Magic Vs2. This phone will apparently be even thinner and lighter than the Honor Magic V2 and will reportedly weigh less than 231 grams and be thinner than one centimeter when folded.

The Honor Magic Vs2 seems to be designed to simulate the look and feel of a regular smartphone, i.e. one that doesn't bend, that is. overlaps. When it comes to foldable devices, how thin they are is more than an aesthetic preference, as you're basically carrying two phones in one. No phone in the world represents this concept better than the ultra-slim Honor Magic V2, but it looks set to hand over the throne to the next Honor bendable phone.

This information was shared by the well-known Internet insider DigitalChatStation, and the company confirmed it in a separate post on the Weibo social network, even sharing a render of the phone together with the Honor Watch 4 watch.

In addition to information about physical characteristics, the specifications that the new phone should have were also published on the same social network. They include 16 GB of RAM, a folding screen in 2K resolution and a fairly fast charging of 66 W.

The processor that will power it will apparently be a year-old Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip, which will apparently be an attempt by the company to reduce the production costs of the new bendable phone. However, this processor could make the phone competitive with traditional smartphones, both in terms of thickness and price.

When folded, the Honor Magic Vs2 reportedly shows hinges on one side and a fingerprint scanner on the other. It should have three cameras, the main one boasting a 50 MP f/1.9 aperture. Rumors also point to a roughly 2.5x telephoto lens and a 16mm ultra-wide camera on the back.

Other specifications about the device such as screen details or battery capacity are still unknown for now. As for the price, it will reportedly cost 9,000 Chinese yuan, which is approximately 1,200 euros, of course without taxes and duties after import.

Considering that the Honor Magic V2 is also available in Europe, we could expect the same for its flexible successor, about which we will definitely get more details by tomorrow.