The first Xiaomi car should arrive in both standard electric and extended-range versions
October 9, 2023

The first Xiaomi car should arrive in both standard electric and extended-range versions

The upcoming and also the first Xiaomi car will reportedly be launched in two versions: as a standard electric vehicle (EV) and as an electric range-extended vehicle (EREV). The company has still not confirmed this information, and the news is reported by Chinese media such as Pandaily.

Because of this, Xiaomi is reportedly heavily recruiting engineers in China to develop electric vehicle range extensions.

According to media reports, the entry-level model will use a 400 V voltage platform and BYD Blade batteries, while the higher-end model will have 800 V voltage and CATL Qilin batteries with a capacity of 101 kWh. On the other hand, Chinese media expect the EREV version to have a 1.5 liter / 1.5 T range extender engine paired with a large battery.

EREV is an acronym for English words extended range electric vehicle and stands for electric cars with range extender. It involves a gasoline engine that extends the range of a battery-powered electric vehicle by driving an electric generator that charges the vehicle's battery.

This means that if the first Xiaomi car really comes in this version, it potentially gets a wider range of customers, because it offers additional benefits.

When it comes to looks, this car will reportedly have a so-called “coupe” design, currently popular among the younger generation. The first Xiaomi car should thus have a low and sleek profile, with a longer front end, while at the back it will have a slope that extends from the roof to the rear of the vehicle, the so-called fastback style, which will give it a sporty look.

This vehicle was also recently spotted on a Bluetooth SIG certification, which revealed that the car will have a Snapdragon 8295 chipset, Bluetooth 5.2, USB Media functionality and support for Apple CarPlay.

Xiaomi's entry into the electric car market is creating new competition in the industry, and mass production of its first car should start in 2024. The first Xiaomi car has reportedly already entered the trial production phase with around 50 prototypes being made by the company every week.