The first live image of the Vivo X100 device has appeared on the networks
November 5, 2023

The first live image of the Vivo X100 device has appeared on the networks

The tension rises as the series Vivo X100 preparing for his debut on November 13. Here's what's new these days.

In the smartphone world, the upcoming Vivo X100 series has created quite a stir as enthusiasts eagerly await the phone's official debut on November 13. While numerous leaks and renders have provided glimpses of what we can expect, one post yesterday caught the attention of tech enthusiasts around the world.

User of the Weibo platform He shared a live photo on which it should be, probably the Vivo X100, providing the first real look at this series. The device is shown in light blue, in line with previous leaks, it reports GSM Arena. However, what caught the attention of many is a subtle but intriguing detail – the circular camera island on the back.

Vivo X100 comes with a large circular camera island

The circular island, although not as prominent as the renders suggested, adds a unique and visually appealing decor to the rear design of this smartphone. The undulating shapes of the device's glass back seem consistent with the renders, maintaining the overall aesthetic that Vivo had in mind for this series.

One of the most interesting things revealed by this image is the “island” of the camera. As expected, it packs more cameras, but there's a noticeable difference – a noticeable ring around one of, as expected – Zeiss camera. This distinctive feature has piqued the curiosity of tech enthusiasts, leaving many to speculate about its purpose.

While it's possible that the ring is a deliberate design decision to make the main sensor stand out, it could also be related to reflection. The leaked renders did not show such a feature, which adds an element of mystery to the camera setup of the Vivo X100 series.

The appearance of this live image comes just in time to build excitement for the official debut of the Vivo X100 family. Scheduled for November 13, the launch will finally reveal all the features, specifications and design choices that Vivo has thoroughly worked out for this highly anticipated smartphone series. What is certain, is that the Vivo X100 will come pre-installed Funtouch OS 14 which is based on Android 14 system

The phone is powered by MediaTek's Dimensity 9300 SoC and 12GB of RAM, which was revealed during AnTuTu testing. The model that was tested comes with 12GB of RAM, although we have no doubt that it will Vivo offer additional options. As the countdown to November 13 continues, tech enthusiasts and smartphone lovers are eagerly awaiting more information on the hardware details of the vivo X100 series. For now, we have a glimpse of what's to come, but the full picture will be revealed in just a few days, leaving us to wait for other details.

As we informed you earlier, our team will be in China live on the spot and record the presentation of this phone with a camera, as well as everything that the entire Vivo X100 series brings us. You will be able to see the edited material a few days later on our YouTube channel.