The end of the journey for “Honda e” – the manufacturer is discontinuing its urban EV
December 15, 2023

The end of the journey for “Honda e” – the manufacturer is discontinuing its urban EV

Honda e started its journey back in 2019 and quickly won many fans with its design and compact dimensions suitable for dense city traffic. A role in this was also played by the fact that at one time this model was one of the few electric vehicles available, and it even won the city car of the year award in 2020. However, the small city EV has now reached the end of its journey, as the company has confirmed that he fulfilled his mission.

The mission of this car was also to attract new customers to the Honda brand, and perhaps the closest successor to the Honda e car is the Honda e:Ny1, although it is not exactly a small city car, but a compact SUV. The company confirmed this news to the TopGear portal, saying that it will no longer take orders for this electric vehicle.

The Honda e car has thus brought many new customers to the company, with its distinctive design and advanced technology, the company explains.

The reason for canceling the vehicle is potentially that it was still too expensive (47,000 euros) and at the same time limited when it comes to range (about 220 thousand kilometers). It is not exactly a moment that can justify the costs to its customers, so the lack of demand has reduced production.

However, it seems that the main drawback of the Honda e-vehicle has been that more and more people have been turning to SUVs lately. That is why Honda is now planning to replace this vehicle with the e:Ny1, ZR-V e:HEV, which is also an SUV, and the latest generation CR-V, an SUV that comes as both a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid.