The company Samsung in cooperation with the City Organization of the Blind of Belgrade provides support to blind and partially sighted people
October 18, 2023

The company Samsung in cooperation with the City Organization of the Blind of Belgrade provides support to blind and partially sighted people

“Our members face various obstacles every day, because they cannot see or have impaired vision. This includes difficulties using electronic and mobile devices. That's why big companies have to understand and listen to the needs of people with certain disabilities. We are happy that Samsung recognized these needs and introduced a program for the blind and partially sighted”said Nikola Đorđević, president of GOSB.

With the support of Samsung customer service, a training center was established at the GOSB headquarters, with the installation of a whole series of Samsung devices. Equipped with a smartphone, TV and Soundbar devices, and even home appliances, blind and partially sighted people can undergo training for easier use of the mentioned electronic and mobile devices.

Through the Samsung Smart Things application, the user can control all smart devices with the help of audio feedback received from the application installed on the phone. Also, Samsung, with the help of the school for visually impaired students “Veljko Ramadanović”, prepared instructions for use and stickers for devices in Braille.”

For Samsung users who cannot visit a service or training center, the company, with the support of an authorized Promobi service center, provides a home visit. Trained service technicians provide repair services and training for Samsung smartphones and other devices, with user manuals and Braille materials included. This includes all electronic devices, including smartphones.

For those who visit the service center, easier movement is enabled with a 3D relief map, which helps blind and partially sighted people to move through the space. Finally, a call center is available for any type of customer support, for all questions related to the functioning of the device, as well as in connection with the sale and ordering of products.

Both services have been available to deaf and hard of hearing users for years, where a sign language interpreter is provided in the service center and when visiting the client's home.

“Through this cooperation, we continue to work on the development of innovative solutions that will improve the quality of life of the blind and visually impaired, as well as the deaf and hard of hearing. Our goal is to take care of our users by facilitating access to the Samsung ecosystem and service capabilities, so that blind and visually impaired people can make the most of its opportunities, because we are convinced that technology can be a tool that will enable blind and partially sighted people to achieve their full potential. potential”said Jong Ho Kang, president of Samsung for the Adriatic region.

The Samsung company will continue to find common solutions with its partners, which will make everyday life easier for blind and partially sighted people and enable them to stay up to date with modern technologies.