Tecno Phantom X will come with revolutionary camera technologies
December 10, 2023

Tecno Phantom X will come with revolutionary camera technologies

Tecnothe famous smartphone manufacturer, presented three revolutionary innovations that arrive at Phantom X smartphone, at its Future Lens event held this week in Shanghai. The focus was on the Phantom X series, which will integrate these advanced technologies into its own camera systempromising a step forward in mobile photography.

The first of these innovations is Tecno's W-shaped, adjustable aperture, inspired by the eye of a cuttlefish. Capable of handling challenging lighting conditions, such as strong backlighting, the W-shaped aperture promises to eliminate flare and improve overall image quality. Forbes.

And that was not all, as Tecno introduced the first liquid telephoto macro lens built into the periscope module. Liquid lens technology isn't entirely new, but Tecno's implementation inside the periscope module is a complete game changer.

Tecno's liquid lens uses voltage to dynamically adjust the curvature of the lens

Overcoming the traditional challenges of macro focusing in a two-part housing, the company's liquid lens uses voltage to dynamically adjust the curvature of the lens, achieving impressive focusing at macro distances as short as 5cm. The design not only allows for macro capabilities, but also allows for the use of a large sensor, promising exceptional image quality.

Unlike conventional smartphones that use ultrawide cameras for macro shots, Tecno's approach to the periscopic zoom lens offers a longer focal length, minimizing distortion and paving the way for true macro photography.

Phantom X should be the first smartphone with all three novelties

And finally, Tecno presented its third, but this time software innovation – Universal Tone technology. This advanced feature uses three AI-powered engines to perfect skin tones in photos. The Multi-Skin Tone Restoration Engine calibrates and adjusts skin tones using a spectral color matrix, based on chromatic skin color research.

The Local-Tuning Engine identifies people within the scene, and optimizes toning for more striking images. The Computational Portrait Engine (CPE) adds the finishing touch, ensuring a visually pleasing aesthetic impression.

While Tecno hasn't revealed which specific products will debut with the liquid lens and W-shaped aperture, all eyes are on the Phantom X series.

Impatience is growing, and enthusiasts hope to witness these innovations at the upcoming Mobile World Congress scheduled for February next year. Tecno's Future Lens event undoubtedly set the stage for a new era of mobile photography, and how the competition will react to their innovations remains to be seen.