Tecno Introduces the Phantom Ultimate Concept Phone Featuring an Innovative Retractable Screen
September 6, 2023

Tecno Introduces the Phantom Ultimate Concept Phone Featuring an Innovative Retractable Screen

The new concept model arrives after the presentation of the Phantom Vision V flip phone and represents another significant step in the field of innovation of flexible screens.

The Phantom Ultimate model embodies Tecno’s commitment to advancing mobile technology by introducing devices that push the boundaries and shape the future of smartphones with retractable screens.

The industry’s fastest screen pull-out of 1.2-1.3 seconds

The Phantom Ultimate concept brings industry-leading screen extraction speed, as well as exceptional efficiency of the entire process.

The record screen extraction time is achieved thanks to advanced manufacturing that integrates a specially developed high-torque drive, planetary reducer and sliding mechanism. This single-motor system achieves extremely fast screen extension and retraction, allowing the display to expand from 6.55 inches to an impressive 7.11 inches in just 1.2 to 1.3 seconds.

This unique system manages to solve the problem of slow extension and retraction of the display and enables users to use the device more easily and comfortably. The mechanism also manages to reduce the friction that occurs during the process of pulling out and retracting the screen and provide a smooth movement, but also to provide increased reliability and durability of this concept phone.

Unbeatable double-sided 7.11-inch folding screen

When the display is retracted, the Phantom Ultimate provides users with a double-sided display that wraps horizontally around the back of the phone and acts as a secondary screen.

When extended, the double-sided screen unfolds to become an ultra-large display. This innovative design brings a whole new level of interaction thanks to which users can easily access important information, notifications, and even use the display on the back to monitor what the camera sees when taking a selfie.

Screen innovations on the Phantom Ultimate model include a 7.11-inch ON-cell AMOLED panel without any bumps for a perfect user experience. With 2296x1596p resolution and 388 pixels per inch, the new display offers users variable brightness, including an exceptional 800 cd/m2 under HBM modes and maximum illumination of 11000 cd/m2.

The dynamic LTPO display supports the DCI-P3 100 TYP color spectrum, as well as a 1-120 Hz screen refresh that adapts to different phone usage scenarios. Thanks to all these improvements, the screen provides superior durability with an exceptional viewing experience.

Ultra-slim design for an unparalleled user experience

The new concept smartphone features an ultra-thin design with a thickness of only 9.93 mm for an unsurpassed user experience that includes easy one-handed use. The elegant asymmetric design guides the screen pull-out system – preventing the phone from accidentally falling out when the screen is unfolded.

The sliding battery cover adapts to your grip movements, providing a secure one-handed hold of the phone when extended. This cover is made of specific tactile materials – glass on the sliding part and 3D material with special textures for stability.

Phantom Ultimate also brings advanced software enhancements, supporting dynamic backgrounds that can be adjusted to the needs of the user, desktop effects and always-on display, while optimized animations solve screen synchronization mismatch, offering a seamless experience when using applications – even when extending and retracting the screen.

Phantom Ultimate part of the new strategy

As retractable screen technology slowly matures, Tecno provides insight into new forms and innovations for future mobile devices. Phantom Ultimate best emphasizes the “Go Premium” strategy of the Tecno company, which is reflected in the delivery of innovative products worldwide and the latest technology with the aim of allowing users to enjoy its premium phones to the maximum.