Statcounter research: 26.66% of all computers use Windows 11
December 1, 2023

Statcounter research: 26.66% of all computers use Windows 11

Report for November 2023 from Statcounter research is now available on the official website, revealing the latest details about the market shares of Windows 11 and previous versions of Windows.

According to the report, Windows 11 still has steady growth, although its jump was much more modest in November 2023 compared to the previous month of the year.

The latest Statcounter research claims that Windows 11 is now installed on slightly more than a quarter (26.66%) of all Windows PCs (+0.49 points).

Remark: Statcounter cannot provide 100% accurate market share data for each version of Windows. Click here to learn how the company collects its data and prepares its monthly reports.

On the other hand, Windows 10 has lost a significant share of users, decreasing from 69.31% in October 2023 to 68% in November 2023. It is now at the same level as a year ago, just a month before Microsoft stopped providing support for Windows 7, it says Neowin. If you want to switch to Windows 11 and want to bypass hardware limitations, you can see it in our guide.

After January 2023, Windows 10 experienced a sharp increase in market share, which slowly declined during 2023 as users increasingly switched to Windows 11.

Windows 7 has lost Microsoft support but it still holds roughly 3.16% of the market, and users seem indifferent to the fact that Microsoft no longer provides security updates and other important patches. Windows 8.1 has 1.34%, and Windows XP is at 0.45%.

When is it Serbia 🇷🇸 in question, at the end of October, the participation of Windows system versions looked like this:

  1. Windows 10 (81,24%)
  2. Windows 11 (11,51%)
  3. Windows 7 (5,06%)
  4. Windows 8 (1,02%)

A recent report revealed that Windows 11 is now installed on more than 400 million active PCs per month, surpassing Microsoft's initial expectations.

More than 400 million devices with Windows 11 and over 1 billion devices with Windows 10 matches Statcounter's estimates, providing users and developers with a more or less accurate analysis of the Windows market.