SK Hynix says CAMM memory modules are coming to desktop computers
January 18, 2024

SK Hynix says CAMM memory modules are coming to desktop computers

SK Hynix has hinted at the possibility of introducing Compression Attached Memory Module (CAMM), a standard originally designed for laptops, as an option for desktop computers. This information encourages from the comments by a SK Hynix representative at the CES 2024 in Las Vegas for the Korean IT media ITSubIssub. According to a representative of SK Hynix, the first implementation is underway, but there are no concrete details.

CAMM, an innovative memory standard developed by Dell in 2022, has been certified to replace SO-DIMM as the official laptop memory standard. However, the move to desktop PCs could significantly disrupt the desktop memory market. CAMM modules, unlike the currently used vertical DRAM modules, are horizontal and are screwed into the socket. This design change will require a complete reconstruction of the desktop computer motherboard layout.

CAMM memory modules have their limitations

The thin, flat design of CAMM modules can also limit the number of them that can be installed on an ATX board. However, the desktop version of the CAMM2 standard was announced by JEDEC just a month ago. It is intended for DDR5 memory, but is expected to become standard with the introduction of DDR6 around 2025. Although CAMM enables higher speeds and densities of mobile memory, its advantages over traditional desktop memory modules are still not entirely clear, he writes. WCCFTech.

Although low-power CAMM memory modules can bring power savings, this fact is more relevant for portable devices than for desktop computers. As we move to DDR6 and DDR7, more information about desktop CAMM will be needed to understand its potential benefits.

JEDEC’s official statements about the new standard indicate that “DDR5 CAMM2 aimed at high-performance laptops and mainstream desktops, while LPDDR5/5X CAMM2 targets a wider range of laptops and certain segments of the server market.” So we can expect to see CAMM2 on both desktops and some application servers.