Scheduled iPhone 15 quality control
September 25, 2023

Scheduled iPhone 15 quality control

Some devices of the new Apple series of phones arrive to users, albeit in a box, with what appears to be serious damage. To make matters worse, this happens with the more advanced and more expensive iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models, which indicates that the iPhone 15 has failed quality control in the markets: USA, China and EU.

Order @MajinBuOfficial from the former Twitter, today the X network published a whole series of photos showing the damage with short descriptions, which was then joined by other accounts with their own photos.

On several of these devices, the titanium frame of the phone had no paint applied, and where it was, it was not evenly distributed. The problems include improper placement of the screen with the edges of the device, dirt on the camera lens, and scratches on the screen.

Earlier, an employee from the Taiwanese company Foxconn had allegedly announced that the first margin of the iPhone 15 Pro series would have problems, reminds PhoneArena, and it seems that this is what we see in the published photos.

Some of the damages are, as users of the X network write, shaky OLED screens and bubbles under the 5×4 centimeter glass. Although the main problems are seen on Pro devices, even some iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models also show flaws.

On the other hand, there are already several complaints on the Reddit forum about Apple’s new series phones allegedly arriving in poor condition. One of the posts comes from a user who allegedly bought an iPhone 15 Pro Max that arrived in a box with three cracks on the back. The owner of this device added that the phone was “loose” in the box when he opened it.

If you are among those who may have already managed to get hold of your copy of the iPhone 15 series, what you should do is to contact Apple and try to arrange a replacement of the device as soon as possible with a complaint.

On the other hand, to avoid receiving defective devices, you may want to wait until Apple and its manufacturing partners make the necessary corrections on the production lines.

Of course, this is all in case Apple even admits the error or issues a public statement regarding the, shall we say, scandal surrounding the new series of phones. Also, another option if you want to buy a new phone is to possibly switch to one of the other smartphone brands that were also released this year or wait for the new series that we expect until the beginning of 2024.