Save Big on the Apple Watch SE and Stay on Top of Your Fitness Journey
August 18, 2023

Save Big on the Apple Watch SE and Stay on Top of Your Fitness Journey

Cheap Apple Watch Option: Apple Watch SE

Picking up a cheap Apple Watch has always meant going the Apple Watch SE route, which is no bad thing. It's one of the best smartwatches at its price point. And it gets even better when you can pick one up for just $220.

Discounted Price and Easy Ordering

If that price sounds low, it's because it is. The Apple Watch SE in this 40mm configuration would normally retail at Amazon for around $250. But order today and you'll pay 12% less. That's a $30 saving, and all without the usual hoop-jumping that these kinds of deals can often require. Just order and make space on your wrist — your new Apple Watch could be with you by tomorrow!

Multiple Finishes, Same Features

This particular Apple Watch SE can be had in three different finishes while still getting the special $220 price. That means buyers can choose between a Midnight aluminium case with Midnight sport band, a silver aluminium case with white sport band, and a Starlight aluminium cwith Starlight sport band. Which one you pick is of course up to you. It's your money, after all.

Impressive Features and Functionality

All three are functionally identical, as you'd expect. You get a 2022 Apple Watch SE that's around 20% faster than the model that came before it. You also get health and safety features like crash detection, fall detection, and emergency SOS — all features that have been shown to help save lives since their introduction.

Swim-Proof and Fitness-Focused

The Apple Watch SE is swim-proof for use in the pool, and there are countless fitness apps that can be installed via the on-watch App Store as well. Everything ties into the Apple Health app if you want it to, and the whole thing is really rather good. And at this price, it's hard to knock.