Samsung will introduce a superfast DDR5 chip most likely at the IEEE conference this year
February 6, 2024

Samsung will introduce a superfast DDR5 chip most likely at the IEEE conference this year

At the upcoming IEEE international conference “Solid-State Circuit” in 2024, Samsung reportedly plans to present, among other things, a memory superfast DDR5 chip with double the capacity in the same case size as the previous 16 Gb DDR5 DRAM module. In addition, the new chip comes with a high data transfer speed of 8000 Mbps.

Along with that speed, the new superfast DDR5 chip uses a symmetric-mosaic structure, created using Samsung’s fifth-generation 10 nm manufacturing process specifically tailored for DRAM products.

This technology enables 32GB and 48GB DIMM modules to be built at impressive DDR5-8000 speeds in single-tier configurations, while also supporting 64GB and 96GB DIMM modules with dual-tier configurations.

The super fast DDR5 chip also enables lower energy consumption

When the new DDR5 product was first announced in late 2023, Sangjun Hwang, executive vice president of DRAM products and technology at Samsung Electronics, said:

With our 12 nm class DRAM 32 Gb chips, we have provided a solution that will enable modules up to 1 TB (terabyte), giving us the chance to be ideally positioned to meet the growing need for high-capacity DRAM chips in the era of artificial intelligence. We will continue to develop DRAM solutions through various process and design technologies to break the boundaries of memory technology”.

In addition, the new superfast 32 Gb DDR5 chip enables the production of 128 GB modules without the need for a TSV (Through Silicon Via) process, reducing power consumption by 10 percent, according to Samsung. That makes it an excellent solution, reports TechRadarPro, as data centers struggle with ever-increasing AI energy demands.

Details of these innovations should be further revealed during the upcoming conference, providing additional insights into the future of memory and technology.