Samsung SmartThings helps people stay connected to what matters most.
September 1, 2023

Samsung SmartThings helps people stay connected to what matters most.

Samsung Electronics showcased its newest innovations for home connectivity at the IFA 2023 press conference. The company emphasized its vision to use the SmartThings platform to allow European users to prioritize energy savings, increased security, access to entertainment, and more efficient daily living. With SmartThings, which currently has 285 million registered users, individuals can personalize their homes and control multiple devices through a single app. Samsung's presence at IFA 2023 is the result of new consumer research conducted across Europe to understand evolving technology needs in the home.

Benjamin Braun, Marketing Director of Samsung Europe, stated, “Samsung is passionate about connecting our users with the people, places, and activities that matter most to them. We will continue to leverage the latest technology innovations to ensure that the SmartThings ecosystem evolves, enabling people to form even more significant connections.”

The SmartThings app allows users to manage their homes from anywhere, providing seamless entertainment and enhanced safety. As homes in Europe play multiple roles throughout the day, such as serving as an office, place of relaxation, and entertainment hub, the app helps users effectively utilize their spaces. Consumer research reveals that 71% of individuals agree that technology has a positive impact on their daily lives, affecting communication with friends and family, household chores, and hobbies.

Samsung introduced Samsung Food, an all-in-one app for searching, saving, and sharing recipes, planning meals, and grocery shopping. The app, available in 104 countries and eight languages, grants users access to a wealth of culinary knowledge, helping them make food-related decisions tailored to their preferences. It even connects to compatible Samsung ovens, setting the ideal temperature and cooking time. With over 160,000 recipes, users have a constant stream of cooking ideas. Later this year, Samsung Food will offer personalized recipes based on users' dietary requirements. Additionally, in 2024, the app will use Vision AI technology to analyze meal photos, provide nutritional information, recognize ingredients, and recommend recipes.

Samsung, known for being the leading TV brand for 17 consecutive years, showcased its new Neo QLED 8K and 4K Q80C models, expanding its line of super screens. Additionally, Samsung announced The Frame – Disney100 Edition, a TV model designed to commemorate Disney's hundredth anniversary. The TV features a platinum-silver metal frame adorned with Disney 100, as well as an exclusive Disney remote control inspired by Mickey Mouse. It comes pre-loaded with one hundred iconic artworks from various Disney brands, allowing users to create a magical home environment. Users can also display their family photos.

The press conference also included the global launch of The Freestyle 2nd Gen. This versatile, portable projector enables users to enjoy a large screen experience anywhere, including on the ceiling. With Smart Edge Blending functionality, two Freestyle 2nd Gen projectors can be paired to provide a panoramic 160″ view or a 120″ view in landscape and portrait mode, respectively. The device also offers full access to the Samsung Gaming Hub platform, allowing users to enjoy a wide range of games from streaming partners. One notable game announced at the press conference was Starfield, an immersive role-playing game playable via the Samsung Gaming Hub platform with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, eliminating the need for a console.

Reflecting its commitment to sustainability, Samsung develops products and services that support energy-saving initiatives. Consumer research indicates that 77% of individuals are interested in energy-saving technology products for both financial and environmental reasons. Samsung addresses this by offering SmartThings Energy, which helps users optimize energy usage. For example, the AI Energy Mode in SmartThings Energy allows users to reduce a washing machine's energy consumption by up to 70% by utilizing the Ecobubble function for cold water washing. Samsung has also partnered with Ocean Wise and Patagonia to tackle the issue of microfiber shedding. The Less Microfiber™ filter reduces up to 98% of microplastic emissions from laundry cycles.

Furthermore, Samsung is at the forefront of the rapidly growing market for heating technologies, particularly heat pumps. Its smart air source heat pumps experienced an unprecedented 97% sales growth in 2022. These heat pumps work with domestic hot water tanks or the Samsung ClimateHub to ensure year-round comfort regardless of weather conditions. They can also integrate into the SmartThings ecosystem, allowing users to monitor and adjust energy consumption according to their preferences. In September, Samsung will launch the EHS Mono R290, the latest addition to its high-temperature heat pump solutions.

Samsung strives to design technology that enhances individuals' daily lives and minimizes their environmental impact. The Galaxy Z Flip5, Z Fold5, and Galaxy Tab S9 series incorporate various recycled materials, including recycled aluminum, glass, and plastic sourced from discarded fishing nets, water balloons, and PET bottles. Even the Galaxy Watch6 includes recycled plastics. Additionally, all Galaxy innovations are packaged using recycled paper.

Recognizing the importance of security, Samsung focuses on providing smart technology that ensures the safety of all generations. The SmartThings ecosystem includes partners dedicated to helping individuals protect their homes and loved ones. Yale, a leading brand in home security, has joined the SmartThings ecosystem, offering products like the Yale Linus® Smart Lock and the new Smart Door and Garage Opener. These devices enable remote door locking via an app, providing peace of mind for all family members.

Samsung's continuous investment in the possibilities of technology drives its mission to unlock a better future. The company aims to make smart home technology more accessible for all users. Research reveals that 25% of individuals consider affordability a key factor in adopting smart home technology. Samsung remains committed to creating innovative solutions that meet this need.