Samsung One UI 6 brings many AI features to Galaxy phones
November 3, 2023

Samsung One UI 6 brings many AI features to Galaxy phones

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way we use technology, and one example of this is the new Samsung One UI 6 update with many AI features that it brings to Galaxy phones. It changes the user experience, the camera, but also the image editing itself, and read below what it will enable.

The already existing Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X image editing application powered by artificial intelligence will now allow photo editing with just one tap. It also gets new AI enhancements, DigitalCameraWorld noted.

Samsung One UI 6 features based on artificial intelligence

One of the functions in Enhance-X is Sky Guide and it allows you to improve your knowledge of astronomy. When you take a picture of the starry night sky, this feature uses artificial intelligence to analyze the photo and show you which constellations, stars, galaxies, nebulae, and galaxy clusters you've captured.

Along with it, there is a Clean Lens feature that ensures your photo looks exactly the way you wanted by removing the blur from fingerprints on the camera lens. Slow-mo with the help of AI will now help you make slow-motion recordings of “normal” videos by generating additional frames.

The Motion Flow option will take short videos of up to 60 seconds to a higher level by analyzing scenes and applying a long exposure effect. Such as shots of heavy and fast traffic on the road which then turns into “light trails”, as well as on the options in professional cameras.

The Enhance-X app will now include Single Take, a popular feature of Galaxy cameras. It will apply AI analysis to videos and select the best photos and clips for instantly shareable content. In the app, you can apply Single Take to pictures and videos you've already taken, so you can capture the moment long after it's gone, Samsung claims.

New features outside of the app should also improve both performance and user experience. AI Image Clipping will allow you to cut out objects from images and then save them as stickers or stickers to apply to other photos or videos. This can be especially useful for those who, for example, are engaged in online trade.

Document scanning is also another option that now facilitates the scanning process using the camera. AI technology will detect when you scan a document and a screen for editing scanned documents will automatically appear, where you can rotate, align and save it, according to the company. However, what's particularly interesting here is that AI can now automatically remove fingerprints from a scanned document, as well as paper clips or staple marks, leaving a clean document.

Of course, app widgets are almost always improved with each update, and the latest one allows custom camera widgets. Such widgets save the previous camera settings and allow you to pre-set the same options for quick and easy access to the camera when you need to take a picture of something urgent, with, for example, a set lighting level and more. This especially prevents these settings from constantly changing when your subject or environment changes.

We wrote about the new look of the drop-down menu and user interface earlier, and it should also be mentioned that new Undo and Redo options are now available during photo editing.

So, the latest update seems to be quite significant for Samsung Galaxy phones, but unfortunately not all the mentioned features are available for all Galaxy models. More about the availability of new functions and their distribution is best followed on the Samsung website.