Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review (video)
February 3, 2024

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review (video)

Samsung, we can safely say – dominates the Android market in the high class, what Galaxy S24 Ultra absolutely proves it.

It is clear to us that the audience expects more every year, often these expectations are unrealistic. No one is satisfied anymore with the fact that today’s processors are twice as fast as a few years ago, that everything works significantly more fluidly, that our battery lasts all day and used to let us down at 5 in the afternoon.

This is easy to overcome: technological progress is noticeable for all manufacturers from year to year, but customers also value the money they want to invest, but only when they feel that they are getting much more.

That doesn’t exist much anymore and we will have to inform you that those times are behind us and will not return. The market is mature and in terms of hardware innovation, don’t expect too much from anyone. It won’t happen.

We tested Galaxy S24 Ultra, Mare did the lion’s share of the work and spent more time on the phone, Peca a little less. Here are our impressions…